(H.G.Stephanos Mar Theodosius)
When the parsonage was shifted from there to the new premises, in connection with the Church festival of 1973, a full size photograph of St. George, our patron saint was brought to Church as motorcade of a large number of vehicles of our members as well as well wishers. The motorcade was under the patronage of the traffic dept and hence it was not disturbed on the way. The Sunday School started in those days with one teacher and a few children has grown in number and strength, which has more than 20 teachers and 300 students at present.
When Rev. Fr. P.M. Kuriakose took charge instead of Rev. Fr. C.K. Joseph, he took initiative to extend the size of the Church and to plant trees, bushes and plants in the Church compound. The Church services were re-arranged in the proper order and uniformity and the same beautiful style of worship is still continued. Rev. Fr. K.T. Thomas (H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan) took charge of the Parish from Rev. Fr.P.M. Kuriakose, and he started the intercession prayers of St. Gregorios in the systematic way on Wednesdays.
The Church building was shifted to the present premises, as per the instructionsof the Government authorities, when Rev. Fr. V. K. Varghese was the Vicar. H. G. Mathews Mar Coorilos (H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, Catholicose) blessed and inaugurated the construction works n 24th Apr ’81 and H.G. Dr. (the late) Paulos Mar Gregorios, our previous Diocesan Metropolitan, laid the foundation stone of the new Church building on 5th Feb ’82. When the construction works were completed, the Church complex was sanctified and dedicated on 27th and 28th May ’83, by H.H. (the late) Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma I, the then Catholicose and our previous Diocesan Metropolitan, assisted by H.G. Mathews Mar Coorilose Metropolitan (the then Catholicose Designate) and H.G. Dr. (the late) Paulos Mar Gregorios Metropolitan (the then Diocesan Metropolitan) in the presence of a large number of priests and faithful. The Church complex comprises of the beautiful Church, parsonage, Sunday School hall, Committee room, Guest room etc. It is worthy to remember that the lion share of the construction expenses were met with the compensation granted by the kind and generous Ruler of Abu Dhabi, considering and counting the number of trees and plants in the previous premises